Detoxification Flora Flor-Essence Herbal Cleanse 17oz

Hydrating botanical extracts. Daily moisture conditioner

Flora Flor-Essence Herbal Cleanse 17oz

Detoxification Flora Flor-Essence Herbal Cleanse 17oz. Your Full-Body Detox, cleanse at the cellular levelThe tried and true formula used by millions across the globe. Flora EssenceA Herbal Cleanse combines burdock root, red clover and slippery elm bark in a synergistic 8-herb formula made famous by Rene Caisse, a humanitarian nurse from Bracebridge, Ontario. In the 1920s she learned of a traditional Ojibwa recipe that played an important role in their folk medicine.Impressed with its effects, Rene Caisse devoted her life to researching and refining the formula and providing it to people who sought her help. Her work with this remarkable formula attracted the attention of Dr. Charles Brusch, former personal physician to U.S. President John F. Kennedy.Together they perfected the formula, wh…

Flora Flor Essence Herbal Cleanse 17oz